Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – NOT

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – DEBUNKED

I recently read this a post by “The Atlantic” on Why Women Still Can’t Have It All and I was shocked.  They talk about equality, and how women make less then men.  The Atlantic focuses so much on how men have it better than women in the business world.  I realize that, and I’m sure if you’ve read my post on being a woman then you’d agree too.

The problem I have with the Atlantic’s post is that they offer zero solutions to the problem they’re highlighting.  Focusing on what is out of your control is commonly known as making excuses.  Have you ever heard any of these lines?

  • “The Economy is so bad, if it was better I’d be making serious money”
  • “Men always get the job, because that’s how IT works”
  • “If I had bigger boobs I would have gotten that job”

I’ve heard those lines over and over; those cheap lines are just excuses.  The article bothered me because it didn’t provide an immediate resolution to the problem.  The article didn’t talk about mindset or success stories, but said that you can’t control the situation.  I’m a huge believer in the quote…

Nothing happens to you, everything happens because of you

I live by that quote, and take ownership for EVERYTHING.  Once you start taking complete ownership for your life the sooner you’ll be able to start winning again.  Yes, it will be difficult, but in the end you’ll be happy that it was so difficult.  There is a huge barrier to financial success.  Soon you’ll wish that barrier was even larger.

To sum it all up – ladies: you are responsible for everything that happens to you.  Suck it up, take ownership, and get out there. 

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