Learning From History – NOT

Learning from History – DEBUNKED

I’m on a serious debunked kick right now as you can tell by my last post about “Why women still can’t have it ALL“.  Whoops, I forgot to put the NOT in there.  NOT is the most important word in that whole post.  I’m going to be a little blunt for a second.  Screw history!  Serious, screw history; history has taught us nothing about how women should behave.  Instead history taught us all about how women shouldn’t have to behave.

The History of Women:

  • We weren’t allowed to vote
  • We weren’t the head of the household
  • We are sexual objects
  • We are discriminated against worse than blacks are discriminated against

Psychology Today talks about the harm in treating ourselves and others as sexual objects.  Quite a interesting article.  Give it a quick read before you move to the next paragraph.

Ignore History

I look forward to every child who is raised in a household by a strong woman.  A woman that knows her place in society is not dictated by mere history.  Moms that know the stereotypes, but don’t fall into those traps.

Ladies, we must re-write the script.  The year is 2016, and we have strong power of social networks, top influencers, and the means of getting a movement started.  Get off your butt, and get to work.  Don’t let those men tell you to sit at home, and just take care of the kids.  Start earning a even bigger paycheck than your husband from home.  Have your husband start living at home, and taking care of the kids while you run your business.  Have your stay at home dad in charge of the book keeping, the cleaning, and the changing of diapers.

Every single one of you ladies, girls, and professional women out there have the obligation to be a success.  You can succeed.  Don’t let history, stereotype or low confidence stand in your way.  At any point in your journey you may contact me.  I would be happy to help you.

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