Business Mindset

Business Mindset


Retraining your mind from an employee mindset to a business mindset is the biggest obstacle when creating a successful business life.

What is RE-Training your mind?

Your mind is much different as an employee than it is as a business owner.  As an employee your day starts when you get to work, and ends when you leave from work.  Sometimes, you’ll be in a salaried position and need to do a little extra work at home.  But often, you’ll have much less responsibility.  This day in age it can be difficult to secure and keep your job.  Life can be stressful when you don’t have control.

Thinking to yourself, will I get to keep my job if I downsize?  The rock stars of Rose Masters need control, and thrive when we’re in situations that we CAN control.  Retrain your mind to love control, take control, and love the grind instead of worry about keeping a job.

If you want to be a successful business owner than you need to enjoy the “stress” of  your financial burdens resting on your shoulders.  Understand the fact that burdens from your kids, your mortgage, and your credit card payments are on your shoulders regardless if your a business owner or a employee.  I’m sure it feels like you’re much safer when you’re getting a paycheck every week on a regular basis.  The truth of the matter is that the “security” gained by being an employee is a mere mirage.

Love the Grind

We’re going to have to hammer this point home the entire post.  You need to stop looking at “work” as work.  Work is only work when you’re working for someone else.  Loving what you’re doing, and doing it for the right reasons is the best way to be successful.  Doing things for the money is absolutely fine.  We all work for the money.  What you do with the money should be tied to something greater than you.

  • Is the money going into your pocket for a new car?
  • To support your family?
  • Is it for fame?

Having a purpose is important, but understanding your purpose is priceless.

Remember to love the grind, enjoy the work, and immerse yourself in the responsibility.  Understanding that having responsibility, control, and the ability to create your own destiny is the most important way to develop a business mindset.  Without a business mindset you will never achieve greatness.


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