Being a Woman

Being a Woman

monicaBeing a woman isn’t hard.  It can be easy to marry rich, and spend your life at home taking care of your kids.  Being a woman in business is hard.  You’re constantly looked down upon, but for good reason.  We have a few women who really mess it up for all of us.

The Office Scant

Monica Lewinsky gave all of us women a bad name.  She ruined our ability to get along in the workplace with men without being treated like sexual objects.  Monica is now famous for it.  In her latest article in Vanity Fair she writes about her affair with Bill Clinton.  The popularity of her affair only brings down women around the world.  She’s famous for cheating with the a past president on the wife of our current 2016 Election primary.

The Trophy Wife

Another equally as bad type of woman is the Trophy Wife.  The Trophy wife comes in many forms.

  1. The young woman with the old millionaire
  2. The stay at home mom who’s job consists of staying in shape, and keeping the house clean
  3. The hot woman who marries a ugly man for his money only to divorce him and take half


These woman do an equal amount of damage to our sex’s credibility as the office scant does.  We had a lot of stereotypes to work around in order to do well in business.  We are forced to put a nice happy smile on as our bosses flirt with us, and our co-workers look top to bottom.  In politics we’re the punchline of many jokes.  We are thought of as emotional, and have a hard time dealing with stressful situations.  On top of all this, when a strong, independent, and successful woman is brought up, they are often referred to as a lesbian.

You’ve got a lot of work to do ladies.  Let the Rose Masters show you how.

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