Kickin’ Butt

Kickin’ Butt

One prerequisite for women having it all is that they must be confident.  To be confident you must kick butt!  Women often ask me how I got so confident.  I tell them two simple things…kickin butt

  1. I take martial arts
  2. I hit the gym all the time

Two very important things.  Often women are looked at as weak, and unable to protect themselves.  I’m quite the opposite.  I dare any guy to try to harm me.  I know exactly what to do in every situation, and get out of trouble quickly.  Having that confidence in myself has really improved my life as a whole.  I would suggest to every woman out there to get arm yourself with fighting skills by taking martial arts classes at the nearest dojo.  Know how to defend yourself by utilizing taekwondo, karate, and other fighting moves will be very beneficial for your confidence as a woman.  Self-defense is the cornerstone at any Martial Arts Center, and being armed with the knowledge of the best fighters your area will be very beneficial.

Secondly, I’m in the gym all the time.  I’m always working out hard.  I’m constantly working on my fitness at the gym.  I do a variety of different workouts to keep things interested and keep my body in the best shape it can be.  I always head to one of the best gyms in danbury ct for all my workouts to maintain my lean physique.  When I look in the mirror and see ripped abs, toned arms, and a thin midsection I feel confident.  Whether you’re just starting out with your fitness lifestyle, or you’ve been just slacking a little bit in the gym as of late – I would suggest to all women to make it a habit to get in the gym at least 3 times per week.  Get some serious work done with weights, the treadmill, and do a few yoga classes.

Kickin’ Butt is what ladies do!