Love This

Love this!!

This post is much different than my last rant.  I actually frickin’ love this right here.  My friend Ashley’s husband owns a Tree Service in Connecticut.  You know Connecticut?  That little state that nicknamed the Constitution state and often referred to as CT?  Yeah, that’s the place that my friend Ashley lives with her husband and two kids.  Anyways, Ashley’s husband is the owner of the most affordable tree service in Danbury, Connecticut.  Their services include tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, and land clearing.  That’s a lot of different tree services!  Holy mole!  Out of all those tree services, the most important one is tree removal.

To properly remove a tree there needs to be a personal that climbs to the top of it to start cutting down the branches.

Ashley is their Best Tree Climber!!!

tree climbingYou’d think that Ashley looks like a man with her unbelievable tree climbing skills, but she’s far from that.  She is a very strong, petite woman who just happened put her work ethic in top gear!  I wanted to write this blog just for you Ashley.

You are such an amazing woman, and truly an inspiration to all of us.

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