Kickin’ Butt

Kickin’ Butt

One prerequisite for women having it all is that they must be confident.  To be confident you must kick butt!  Women often ask me how I got so confident.  I tell them two simple things…kickin butt

  1. I take martial arts
  2. I hit the gym all the time

Two very important things.  Often women are looked at as weak, and unable to protect themselves.  I’m quite the opposite.  I dare any guy to try to harm me.  I know exactly what to do in every situation, and get out of trouble quickly.  Having that confidence in myself has really improved my life as a whole.  I would suggest to every woman out there to get arm yourself with fighting skills by taking martial arts classes at the nearest dojo.  Know how to defend yourself by utilizing taekwondo, karate, and other fighting moves will be very beneficial for your confidence as a woman.  Self-defense is the cornerstone at any Martial Arts Center, and being armed with the knowledge of the best fighters your area will be very beneficial.

Secondly, I’m in the gym all the time.  I’m always working out hard.  I’m constantly working on my fitness at the gym.  I do a variety of different workouts to keep things interested and keep my body in the best shape it can be.  I always head to one of the best gyms in danbury ct for all my workouts to maintain my lean physique.  When I look in the mirror and see ripped abs, toned arms, and a thin midsection I feel confident.  Whether you’re just starting out with your fitness lifestyle, or you’ve been just slacking a little bit in the gym as of late – I would suggest to all women to make it a habit to get in the gym at least 3 times per week.  Get some serious work done with weights, the treadmill, and do a few yoga classes.

Kickin’ Butt is what ladies do!

Love This

Love this!!

This post is much different than my last rant.  I actually frickin’ love this right here.  My friend Ashley’s husband owns a Tree Service in Connecticut.  You know Connecticut?  That little state that nicknamed the Constitution state and often referred to as CT?  Yeah, that’s the place that my friend Ashley lives with her husband and two kids.  Anyways, Ashley’s husband is the owner of the most affordable tree service in Danbury, Connecticut.  Their services include tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, and land clearing.  That’s a lot of different tree services!  Holy mole!  Out of all those tree services, the most important one is tree removal.

To properly remove a tree there needs to be a personal that climbs to the top of it to start cutting down the branches.

Ashley is their Best Tree Climber!!!

tree climbingYou’d think that Ashley looks like a man with her unbelievable tree climbing skills, but she’s far from that.  She is a very strong, petite woman who just happened put her work ethic in top gear!  I wanted to write this blog just for you Ashley.

You are such an amazing woman, and truly an inspiration to all of us.

Inspired by this story?  Contact me to have a story about your achievement!

Learning From History – NOT

Learning from History – DEBUNKED

I’m on a serious debunked kick right now as you can tell by my last post about “Why women still can’t have it ALL“.  Whoops, I forgot to put the NOT in there.  NOT is the most important word in that whole post.  I’m going to be a little blunt for a second.  Screw history!  Serious, screw history; history has taught us nothing about how women should behave.  Instead history taught us all about how women shouldn’t have to behave.

The History of Women:

  • We weren’t allowed to vote
  • We weren’t the head of the household
  • We are sexual objects
  • We are discriminated against worse than blacks are discriminated against

Psychology Today talks about the harm in treating ourselves and others as sexual objects.  Quite a interesting article.  Give it a quick read before you move to the next paragraph.

Ignore History

I look forward to every child who is raised in a household by a strong woman.  A woman that knows her place in society is not dictated by mere history.  Moms that know the stereotypes, but don’t fall into those traps.

Ladies, we must re-write the script.  The year is 2016, and we have strong power of social networks, top influencers, and the means of getting a movement started.  Get off your butt, and get to work.  Don’t let those men tell you to sit at home, and just take care of the kids.  Start earning a even bigger paycheck than your husband from home.  Have your husband start living at home, and taking care of the kids while you run your business.  Have your stay at home dad in charge of the book keeping, the cleaning, and the changing of diapers.

Every single one of you ladies, girls, and professional women out there have the obligation to be a success.  You can succeed.  Don’t let history, stereotype or low confidence stand in your way.  At any point in your journey you may contact me.  I would be happy to help you.

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – NOT

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – DEBUNKED

I recently read this a post by “The Atlantic” on Why Women Still Can’t Have It All and I was shocked.  They talk about equality, and how women make less then men.  The Atlantic focuses so much on how men have it better than women in the business world.  I realize that, and I’m sure if you’ve read my post on being a woman then you’d agree too.

The problem I have with the Atlantic’s post is that they offer zero solutions to the problem they’re highlighting.  Focusing on what is out of your control is commonly known as making excuses.  Have you ever heard any of these lines?

  • “The Economy is so bad, if it was better I’d be making serious money”
  • “Men always get the job, because that’s how IT works”
  • “If I had bigger boobs I would have gotten that job”

I’ve heard those lines over and over; those cheap lines are just excuses.  The article bothered me because it didn’t provide an immediate resolution to the problem.  The article didn’t talk about mindset or success stories, but said that you can’t control the situation.  I’m a huge believer in the quote…

Nothing happens to you, everything happens because of you

I live by that quote, and take ownership for EVERYTHING.  Once you start taking complete ownership for your life the sooner you’ll be able to start winning again.  Yes, it will be difficult, but in the end you’ll be happy that it was so difficult.  There is a huge barrier to financial success.  Soon you’ll wish that barrier was even larger.

To sum it all up – ladies: you are responsible for everything that happens to you.  Suck it up, take ownership, and get out there. 

Stay at Home Mother

Stay at Home Mother

Being a stay at home mother is a serious blessing.  Most women disagree with that previous statement, but if you’re read my business mindset post than you understand its all about attitude.  Being at home gives you a huge opportunity to make time for yourself.  You can’t always make time when working 50-60 hours a week. I know you think its a super hard process, but I can tell you from personal experience that being successful is entirely possible no matter your circumstance.

If you’ve read my bio than you can tell that I didn’t have any special connections, or come from a prominent family, but rather just worked my butt off to get where I am today.  Yes, being a mother is a full-time job especially if you have more than just one kid.   But if Kayla Fournier can do it at 20 years old than a grown woman with some real like experience can definitely handle it.

Believe it!

The biggest thing stopping you from achieving your goals, your dreams and aspirations is you.  There are many successful women that are absolutely crushing it.  You can be right there with them!  Watch that whole 3 minutes and understand a couple things about Kayla.

  1. Kayla is no smarter than you.
  2. Judging from the background Kayla doesn’t come from an advantaged family.
  3. Kayla 100% believes in what she’s doing.

You can be just like Kayla, and tons of other successful women out there.  If you’re still in a jam, and need help then contact us.  We’d be happy to give you some advice.

Business Mindset

Business Mindset


Retraining your mind from an employee mindset to a business mindset is the biggest obstacle when creating a successful business life.

What is RE-Training your mind?

Your mind is much different as an employee than it is as a business owner.  As an employee your day starts when you get to work, and ends when you leave from work.  Sometimes, you’ll be in a salaried position and need to do a little extra work at home.  But often, you’ll have much less responsibility.  This day in age it can be difficult to secure and keep your job.  Life can be stressful when you don’t have control.

Thinking to yourself, will I get to keep my job if I downsize?  The rock stars of Rose Masters need control, and thrive when we’re in situations that we CAN control.  Retrain your mind to love control, take control, and love the grind instead of worry about keeping a job.

If you want to be a successful business owner than you need to enjoy the “stress” of  your financial burdens resting on your shoulders.  Understand the fact that burdens from your kids, your mortgage, and your credit card payments are on your shoulders regardless if your a business owner or a employee.  I’m sure it feels like you’re much safer when you’re getting a paycheck every week on a regular basis.  The truth of the matter is that the “security” gained by being an employee is a mere mirage.

Love the Grind

We’re going to have to hammer this point home the entire post.  You need to stop looking at “work” as work.  Work is only work when you’re working for someone else.  Loving what you’re doing, and doing it for the right reasons is the best way to be successful.  Doing things for the money is absolutely fine.  We all work for the money.  What you do with the money should be tied to something greater than you.

  • Is the money going into your pocket for a new car?
  • To support your family?
  • Is it for fame?

Having a purpose is important, but understanding your purpose is priceless.

Remember to love the grind, enjoy the work, and immerse yourself in the responsibility.  Understanding that having responsibility, control, and the ability to create your own destiny is the most important way to develop a business mindset.  Without a business mindset you will never achieve greatness.


Being a Woman

Being a Woman

monicaBeing a woman isn’t hard.  It can be easy to marry rich, and spend your life at home taking care of your kids.  Being a woman in business is hard.  You’re constantly looked down upon, but for good reason.  We have a few women who really mess it up for all of us.

The Office Scant

Monica Lewinsky gave all of us women a bad name.  She ruined our ability to get along in the workplace with men without being treated like sexual objects.  Monica is now famous for it.  In her latest article in Vanity Fair she writes about her affair with Bill Clinton.  The popularity of her affair only brings down women around the world.  She’s famous for cheating with the a past president on the wife of our current 2016 Election primary.

The Trophy Wife

Another equally as bad type of woman is the Trophy Wife.  The Trophy wife comes in many forms.

  1. The young woman with the old millionaire
  2. The stay at home mom who’s job consists of staying in shape, and keeping the house clean
  3. The hot woman who marries a ugly man for his money only to divorce him and take half


These woman do an equal amount of damage to our sex’s credibility as the office scant does.  We had a lot of stereotypes to work around in order to do well in business.  We are forced to put a nice happy smile on as our bosses flirt with us, and our co-workers look top to bottom.  In politics we’re the punchline of many jokes.  We are thought of as emotional, and have a hard time dealing with stressful situations.  On top of all this, when a strong, independent, and successful woman is brought up, they are often referred to as a lesbian.

You’ve got a lot of work to do ladies.  Let the Rose Masters show you how.